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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 4, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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keeping an eye on this. they're are fears the faus yaud could come off of the building. so take a look at the video on the ground after the fire he ruped it went up to a five-alarm fire. crews contained it to the ridge business and one adjacent store. for a while, people on mission street barricaded themselves inside. >> it was blocking windows. we couldn't see nothing no more. >> this is a heavy fire load and a lot of progress. you and i probably couldn't see each other.
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so we'll be here throughout the night. >> speaking of the smoke, four people were taken to the hospital two firefighters, two civilians with summation you can see one firefighter on the scene there. also, the chief tells me inspectors were called out twice to this store. in 2009, and 2013 on complaints it's too crowded and too much stuff inside. first time, owners told to widen an exit aisle, and they did. the chief tells me it's too soon to determine if clutter contributed to the cause of the fire. pg&e had to turn off power and gas to this area. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> thank you, katie. here is a look from google maps street view of what the big
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house looked like before the fire. you can see merchandise that went up in flames along with the building. alisa harrington is live with how the neighborhood is being impacted by the fire. alisa? >> people can't go home and say the area is off limits and people are frustrated not being able to go home earlier, others were evacuated as winds pushed smoke through the neighborhood. >> there is this smoke coming out of the building. >> the fire raged through a commercial building on mission street. >> came up the backyard saying the building was going to push fire our way. >> many decided to leave any wachl the smoke, heavy. and wind making it hard to breathe.
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>> charles lives a block away and got a call at work to find he can't get work. . >> i wanted to get in to open my windows. but they're not letting me in. >> police have mission street taped off. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> a san diego rapper accused of kidnapping a woman and holding her in the north bay is be to be released from jail any time now. the office wants more time to investigate the circumstances surrounding charles mitchell, better known as mitchy slicks
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case. >> mitchy slick has spent two days in custody here, in just minutes he's expected to walk out of the door behind me a free man. the man is accused of human trafficking, pornography, kidnapping and participating in criminal gang activity. sky 7 flew over his sleepy hollow home his neighbor, parker richards woke up to the police raid. >> there is a loud speaker blairing saying come out with her hands up. >> in the following days he remained active on social media, promoting his new song and release. finally after a 1.5 million warrant, he the lieutenant says mitchy slick turned himself in >> charges stem from events here in marin county. >> police believe a woman was
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held against her will, officials will not release information about who she is, how long she was held out of concern for her safety. mitchy slick grew up in san diego, rumored to be a member of the lincoln park bloods officials are investigating the rapper's ties to the bay area >> we're trying to determine who owns that property. >> the district attorney announced it needs more time to investigate which means tonight, mitchy slick will leave jail a free man. neighbors who called police just want the chain of fancy cars and women to stop. >> we have kids here. and want to make sure we're all safe. >> family and friends of a young teenager stabbed tuesday night continue to visit the site of the killing. today, they were dropping off flowers and candles at folsom and 26th streets in memory of
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rashawn williams the death has been did he have nating for the family. >> i seen him grow up from diapers to crawling to halloween, christmas. just with him last >> a lot of people feel that way. lucille luna says rashawn's brother refuses to leave the house since the murder. police arrest aid former class mate in connection with the killing. the speculation may have been provoked by a social media dispute. >> now, to the death of joan rivers a true pioneer of comedy. she died at age 81. her daughter issued a statement saying her mother's greatest joy was making people laugh.
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abc7 news is here. leanne, joan rivers was no stranger to the bay area. >> that is right. remember her line "can we talk? "." joan rivers, i loved her, had a unique style and opened doors for many women. many times she'd say comedy was her calling and her therapy. she was born joan malinski in brooklyn. comedian debbie burst says she opened doors for all women. >> joan rivers was fantastic influence for all women, let alone women comedians i grew up watching people like her and phyllis diller. and joan was so smart, so brave. >> rivers was the first woman to have her own late-night show. that did not go well with johnny
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carson, the king of late night. >> a lot of us remember she was beat tonight by "the tonight show". she was next in line. she would have been a jay leno. and she didn't get it because she stood up for herself. . >> i said johnny -- and he hung up on me. never, never spoke to me again. >> she went on to perform at several comedy clubs including the hungry eye and purple onnin she was an icon in the gay community she wrote several books about her life the recent was "diary of a mad diva". books ink corporated in the castro had just one copy left. she never apologizes >> she was irreverent and always with gay people before it was okay. >> she would appear with her daughter, melissa. becoming the popular red carpet
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fashion critic, known for making fun of herself and others seeming to get away with it. her greatest joy is to make people life. >> just make fun with it. get on with it. >> her daughter said that is difficult to do now, i know her final wish woo be that we return to laughing, soon. amen. >> and before she died the new york state health department launched an investigation into the center in manhattan where rivers went into cardiac arrest a week ago today. doctors were doing a routine procedure on her throat when she stopped breathing. she was put into a coma and placed on life support before she died this afternoon. >> and many cop comedians are
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responding to her death. don rickels says knowing her was special. kathy griffin called her a legend, friend, mentor, icon and wildly funny z barbara walters called her a brassy, often outrageous and hilarious performer in private was the picture of elegance and class. now, abc news is preparing a special edition of 2020 tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m . we have a joan rivers foetso gallery on abc7 check that out when you have a moment. >> still ahead, big event kicking off the governor's race tonight may be the only time you can see the two candidates together. >> tesla going out of state to build batteries. why it's not a done deal. >> bay area fast food workers
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put themselves on the line tonight for a living wage. >> late he summer heat coming to the area. abc7 n
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>> the first and only gubernatorial debate will soon get underway between governor brown and his challenger. a poll shows brown leading by 16 poents. for more we go live to
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sacramento tonight. hi, lisa. >> this debate will be packed in live and shown on monitors behind me here. this is the one and only debate governor brown agreed to have against republican candidate kneel kashkari. brown has a whopping 58% approval rating. kashkari is struggling with a lack of funding and name recognition. and is expected to go off brown on issues like high speed rail and education. according to one professor, the 41-year-old does need to remember to tread
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>> if he wants a longer future he has to be careful not to do anything too outrageous. this is voters are hardly paying attention to the race. back here live now, this also does take place place at the first nationally televised debate of the season. >> thank you. we'll be streaming tonight's debate live at abc7 you can see it on your smart phone or tablet. the debate begins at 7:00 >> tesla will get $1 billion to build in nevada.
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the factory, already under construction will cover at least $10 million square feet, employing 6500 workers. musk says it will not need outside energy. >> it's through a combination of wind, and solar and will produce all of the energy it needs. >> there is some opposition to that and conservative groups say taxpayers are getting a raw deal. >> this will result in $80 of economic impact for every dollar that nevada invests. 80 to 1. >> the governor says it will account for a fifth of economic
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output for reno area. >> thousands of fast food workers today protesting low wages people arrested 14 people near oakland. workers marched to the man companies pay their workers $15 an hour. minimum wage has become a growing issue in america. oakland is having a ballot initiative coming up this november to increase it. >> me, i just want everybody to be able to make a living wage and to be able to put food on the table. >> pro testers plan to not leave a burger king until the company agreed to pay $15 an hour, but doors were locked so they locked arms. police arrested those that did not clear this area. >> well, last couple weeks of summer. it's not too bad. >> no. feels like summer. >> yes. >> before fall. >> yes.
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mainly sunny skies and low clouds have been pushed over the bay. breezy conditions around the bay area. 65 in san francisco. oakland, 67. a different view of clouds, 70 degrees in santa rosa. 83 in fairfield. and one more live view from our south beach camera. forecast features low clouds and fog expanding overnight. spotty drizzle is possible. we'll see mild to warm days into next week. taking a look down into tropics now. hurricane norman right now,
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category 1 hurricane, winds 90 miles per hour. gusts 115 miles per hour. moving northwest will produce rainfall in southern california probably, and possibly flash flooding. that is a concern there. it's going to produce rough surf. a beach hazard statement, waves 4 to 8 feet. and risk of rip currents and large shore breaks so please bear that in mind. back to the bay area, overnight, extensive fog, low temperatures into upper 50s to around upper 70s and low 80s inland.
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90s in livermore, south bay, 83 in san jose. 69 here in san francisco. warmer saturday, highs mid-80s around the bay. temperatures bottoming out on tuesday. inland highs only into upper 80s. >> here is abc 7's new daytime line up hosting "who wants to be a millionaire". >> jeopardy moves to and that is
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abc news got a look inside of the hospital complex at mission bay. it has light that changed colors. there is a play room for smaller kids and a lounge with a video production room.
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there is even bedside video service. >> children can still go to school.ñr or to play bingo every week. >> right now, the furniture and medical equipment have been put into place. >> the city is asking for 13 new acres of space opening up in 2016. five landscape architect teams from europe and across the u.s. revealed their design ideas today for presidio parklands. that is the landscape of recreational terrain reconnecting with chrissy field. >> we're asking the public to imagine with us. work and tell us what you like. tell us what you would do with the space.
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>> the teens have so far come up on areas of educational space. >> well there is a lot more what may be the most important summit nato ever held. >> also ahead, families left high and dry by california drought. tonight one family gets a surprise offering some hope. >> and michael finney with a new idea for saving water. east bay mud goes on electronic patrol. stay here, anoth
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north atlantic treaty organization convened what may rank one of their most-important summits in history arcs dressing the threat of isis in the middle east, with two american journalists bee headed in the past two weeks the pentagon says there are 1
6:29 pm
2,000 russian troops. >> we're gathered here in wales in a pivotal moment for security. >> world leaders from member countries gather for a nato summit in wales. two major issues are growing tensions between ukraine and russia. destroyed, squeezed out of existence. we should be clear this is an extremist narrative. it isn't just in iraq and syria. >> iraq's president is calling for help whit comes to individual nato countries saying his country is in grave danger. >> iraq now is on a mission.
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in this vulnerable situation. >> leaders are discussing a possible peace plan for ukraine and russia. >> russia's aggression against ukraine reminded us, all of us that our freedom, security and prosperity cannot be taken for granted. >> in washington, i'm tori donan reporting. >> whether or not the united states is preparing an additional round of sanctions against rusha, the white house advisor says the russians may continue to pay the price for invading ukraine. >> a tip led to the arrest of three men in san leandro, involved in a marijuana lab at two homes, 1 on maricbo road and other on marina boulevard. detectives say they found 500
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marijuana plants, eights pounds of finished marijuana and $45,000 in cash and two ak 47s. >> the battle over staffing in the san jose police department is heating up tonight. it's a war of words and numbers the san jose police officer association says the numbers of crews heading to the police academy is only 29. the mayor says that isn't quite right because there are actually three kad mys this year instead of only two. >> we're expecting to have more per year because response times that are called, out of control. >> according to the san jose
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police officer association, 153 officers are expected to resign or retire by the end of the year. >> california attorney general is calling for change to help fight truancy in elementary schools, urging the governor to sign legislation to strengthen existing laws. speaking at east oakland pride school, saying we need to lend parents a hand. this interview is from our alliance with uni vision 14. >> best way is to support the families that are raising the children to, tap into natural desires their parents have. to raise them, well. but also, recognize they support skills to actually be able to accomplish that goal. >> a million school students are truant in california every year, 250,000 miss 18 or more school days. that works out to $1.4 billion in lost funds to districts.
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>> google today agreed to pay a full refund if your children made purchases with an app from google play without your consent. parents complained from charges of $0.99 to $200. google agreed to pay nine teen million. amazon says it won't settle. >> an experiment being conducted by east bay mud will make it possible to notify you needily when they detect a water leak in the home. >> yes. this is very cool the program is similarly set up to be similar to smart meters pg&e installed over the years a radio transmitter installed near the water meter. information is electronically related back to east bay mud and available to you online. if unusually high, you'll be notified right away.
6:34 pm
>> this system can be set up to be getting an e mail notification if they have a leak or get notified if it goes up in a day. >> he was warned he might have a leak and arranged for a water detective to come out and give him a free inspection. so tonight at 11:00 i'll show you how that program works, shows how to do an inspection yourself. and how well it does. >> interesting. >> thanks sure. >> three years may be changing habits here in the bay area. in central valley, some families are already dealing with the extremes. they've been without water for months. after going for four months, water is coming out of the kitchen faus yut -- facet at the
6:35 pm
lopez home. it's coming from a tank in the driveway. >> this way, you can have water in the home like normal, with the -- and have the hot water heater working too. >> it's expensive, $1100 to install the pump links to the house. for normal family of four, they can blow through all water in a week, costing 100ss today refill. but it's a temporary solution helping families feel back to normal. >> communities have been good to us. started here and so this is a way for us to get back, to help the communities. >> bank of the sierra gave a $50,000 donation to self help enterprises to aid in helping of people suffering from the drought. money helping install systems like this one, and more. >> sometimes, may be drilling a
6:36 pm
new well, or lowering pumps in an existing well. >> takes two and a half gallons. >> news is a relief for mary, without water since april. sometimes, she connects to neighbor's well through a hose she drives to another town to shower, and spends money buying water for basic needs. >> we use paper plates and do dishes like hill house on the prairie. you know? warm up the water. it takes a lot of things for granted. when you have them. when you don't, makes you appreciate them more. >> u.s. ag secretary just visited this area in july. promising money to help connect the 130 homes with dry wells so the city's water system. that project will take about a year. in farmersville, abc7 news. >> coming up next, here, ebola crisis and doctors working to end it. >> tonight, what they say is the only solution. only solution. tands
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ebola crisis accelerated
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testing. >> a number of bay area experts on the front lines say the immediate solutions are more basic. >> if the fight against ebola were a military battle, pefrments say what is missing is basic armor. >> there isn't basic gowns, gloves. there isn't safe equipment. >> dr. gavin says the infrastructure are not only short of protective gear but also lacks facilities to ice yoel yat the growing number of patients. >> you know a person has it, they need to be isolated. you need to trace everybody to rebuild the system after a brutal ten year war. much of the effort introducing
6:41 pm
earl hi care for children under five, with fewer resources available to expand clinics dedicated to care. >> i've seen clouds and for me, hits rock bottom. >> infebruaryingus disease specialist is spearheading this effort through a nonprofit called well body i'm trying to build a structure. >> the recovery of two workers helped reignite interest in a drug given called xmap. this research warner green says it's a combination of three antibodies that work against ebola virus.
6:42 pm
>> we know how to do it. quarantine, and personal treatment must be done. >> a war in the trenches rages on. to learn more about the well body alliance and work they're doing we have a link on abc7 >> still to come, latest offerings from clever folks at samsung. >> how they're getting a drop on their conditions.
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first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count.
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banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. raiders will pay a group of cheer leaders more than $1 million after the woman sued the team over unpaid wages. in january, two raideretts brought the suit on behalf of the raideretts saying the stipend was less minimum wage.
6:46 pm
they were on teams from 2010-2013. >> with buzz about the iphone, apple's biggest competitor is getting a jump on them after holding events yesterday, samsung came here to abc7 to give jonathan bloom a sneak peek. >> it may be the edgiest phone so far this season. >> this is just tapering to a point on the right edge. >> there is no smoke and mirrors here the panel is curved. that becomes buttons and >> if you're lefthanded you can use it upside down. >> or buy the galaxy note 4,
6:47 pm
noncurved both have a nifty pen and sharp quad hd screen. today, we're introducing gear vr. developing with our close friends. this doesn't have a screen. you can see heart and soul of the set. it's none other than your phone. >> just take it. >> samsung thinks it will make the screen feel infinite. was the biggest you've seen. now, apple is rumored to have one in the works.
6:48 pm
>> met cal. it doesn't have cheesy ledger on the back. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> it is. >> yes. >> let's update the forecast. >> okay. we'll start with live doppler 7 hd. cloudy skies at the coast. el nino, a month ago this is how it looked. just areas of warmer than average waters. this is a situation we have ocean temperatures just a little bit
6:49 pm
if it is stronger, we can get beneficial rain. mild to warm conditions, 60s at the coast. upper 70s to low 80s on the bay. it had been warm and summer like. >> a lot in sports including 49er football. >> there
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good evening, 49ers offense is so out of whack. cowboys defense might go from bad to worse this year. michael crabtree returned to practice. expecting to pray play sunday at home in front of family and friends. cowboys ranked dead last in the league in team defense arcs
6:53 pm
louing over 400 yards per game. collin kaepernick knows it does not equal success. >> last year doesn't mean anything when you start a new season they're going to have new defense. revamped defense. so it's not something that we're looking at. >> nfl season kicked off tonight defending super bowl champion seahawks leading. sanford hosting ucs. as for san jose state, hitting the road cashing a $1.5 million check to play at auburn. spartans opening with a 4210
6:54 pm
victory on thursday they head to auburn as 31-point under dogs facing a team that came within seconds of winning a national championship a year ago. >> all of the bells and whistles, birds flying into the air. and bands playing and this game of football we're battling and competing and getting after it. it's what it is comes down to. >> it's a win. >> maybe not. in spain, team usa finishing up against ukraine. anthony davis on the put back. davis at 12. steph curry at 14. nobody liked this. irving going down hard on his hips said on twitter he is okay usa
6:55 pm
wins, they move on to face mexico in round 16 saturday. fed-ex cup playoffs continue with the wmw championship. birdie putt on 17. wait for it he's got it. get out of the way. it went in. in. that is scary, though. jordan and rory mcel roy. and heading to the quarter finals, gail monteith has not lost in a single open. willy robertson is on the right there. feeling at home in new york. who is watching that? i don't understand. leading in the second you don't hit a drop shot.
6:56 pm
too quick. now, monteith is up. two sets, 2, 2. in the third. winning in the third, the challenge says that is bounced twice. that is close. i don't know. that is a good call. good call. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> yes. >> everybody gets it. >> yes. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00, volcano warning in hawaii. lava flow heading for homes why residents are not evacuating yet at 9:00.
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>> you may be a water waster and not know it. >> that is this edition of abc7 news our coverage continues now on twitter. we appreciate your time. >> have a great evening. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" battle of the decades! please welcome our former champions -- the last time today's representative from the 2000s was on "jeopardy!" hen. when he was invited to this tournament, he thought, "against humans -- i can do that." from seattle, washington, please welcome... from the 1990s, she was the first woman in "jeopardy!" history to win the tournament of champions. from mountain view, california, here's... and representing the 1980s, he thinks that if he can handle the responsibility of raising five kids, he can handle the competition in this tournament. from arlington, virginia, please welcome...
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and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, players. hello, folks, and welcome. so far, we have three semi-finalists waiting in the wings, two of them representing our third decade on the air and one representing our second decade on the air. tom, rachael, ken, good to see you again. let's go to work. first round -- one daily double round and these categories today... and we want you to give the word's language of origin in that category. tom, start us. papal person! for $200.


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